ASAP Super C Serum

$89.00 Inc GST


ASAP Super C Serum is formulated to reduce the visible signs of premature ageing caused by sun and environmental damage. It stimulates collagen production to improve skins tone and texture. Regular use can assist in reducing pigmentation and promote radiance.

ASAP Super C Serum Contains:

  • Powerful combination of high strength vitamin C with antioxidants pycnogenol and idebenone
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that assist in reducing facial redness and encourages skin healing


Suitable for
All skin types.

Directions for use
Apply each morning after cleansing/exfoliating and allow ASAP Super C Serum to penetrate the skin before applying an ASAP moisturiser and sunscreen.

Key Ingredients
20% pure Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), Pycnogenol (Pine Bark extract) and Idebenone.

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